The Bo

A staff can be a dangerous weapon and at the same time it can be kind of a magic wand. He's tough and can extend your range enormously . All the more surprising are its capabilities in a very small space, I call it “elevator fight”. In dealing with the Bo we learn awareness, softness and caution. In a staff fight the Bo can be very soft, like the probe of an insect, it gives the ability to sense forces, redirect and use them. It is more than just an extension of your arm and body, it becomes a part of you. BoDo is the counterpart to rough martial arts. It is mental and physical practice, dance and a mirror of your self. Regarding the height, ideally the Bo is should reach under the armpit when standing. It is probably the oldest weapon known to us. It is the pointer that shows us where we stand .

BoDo – The way of the staff

The way I have been practicing and teaching has developed from elements of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and various staff and sword fighting styles. It combines hand and foot techniques. It merges body and mind and improves the ability to recognize connections. BoDo consists of gentle and dynamic movement, concentration and precision as well as of joy, humor and kindness towards oneself and and others. Therefore the staff serves as a tool, which becomes part of you. Through the Bo I learn about myself, my abilities or weaknesses. When we learn to control the staff, we gradually master ourselves and our lives.

So where is the martial in BoDo/martial arts ?

Whether it is stressed people at the supermarket checkout, daily disputes with your teenager, colleagues or clients who are treating you differently than from you´d like, battle is communication, and communication is everywhere and everyday. At least one cause of distress is always rooted in oneself and one's own mental state. My training will help you to understand yourself better and support you in dealing with the world and its inhabitants in the way you would like. BoDo is usually practiced in the form of basic exercises, Katas and shadow fight .