Basic exercises

Essential basics are stand and breathing, as well as practicing the perception of oneself and surroundings with all senses. An important component is also kicking and averting forces using the legs. Also hands are being used for that purpose, however not which are only as a handle or striking tools , but should rather be perceived as a mediating contact tool. Arms and legs are being practiced as a sensory tools. Basic exercises consist of circular movements, hand rotations, two handed techniques and vertebrae, in combination with arm and leg techniques .


Katas consist of a number of specified movements in which the practitioner exercises coordination, flow and awareness. Breathing and movement flow are brought together. The amount of movements in Katas can range from four to twenty and can include different spatial orientations. The farther a student develops, the more the Kata can be interpreted and playfully altered from the initially learned form, without forgetting the traditional form behind the movements. Practicing katas sharpens concentration and can help sinking into a meditative state. One becomes the Kata.

Shadow fight

Shadow fight is the free practice with one or more partners, in which what has been learned is applied intuitively. Shadow fight may be slow to dynamic. For me it offers the maximum form of communication with my fellow men. Pure dialogue with plenty of fun.