I will not bore you with my vita nor my past. What counts for me is here and now. Therefore I´d like to focus on the presentation of two exhibitions which have particularly affected me and have given me an abundance of joy.
What fascinates me most about the opportunity of an exhibition is the change that my pieces bring to the exhibition spaces and the effect this atmosphere has on people. I believe that creativity and manual labor have a special aura that transmits. My greatest reward is always the response of people to my pieces.
I chose to present those two exhibitions because both venues are completely different from each other. In Saalbau Neukölln you meet a very mixed crowd from all parts of society, while in the branch of Deutsche Bank in the Q 110 a more exclusive group of people was addressed. It was wonderful to see that in both cases the effect on people was identical, and my goal to enchant the visitors could be equally satisfied.

2007 - Berlin, Saalbau Neuköln
Saalbau Neukölln
Karl-Marx-Str. 141, 12043 Berlin
02.11 bis 18.11.2007

2008/2009 - Berlin, Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank, Q 110
Friedrichstraße 181, 10117 Berlin
6.10.2008 bis 10.01.2009